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As it’s engineered to be a universal model, Master Lock 389DAT Coupler Lock could be used to secure a wide range of trailers nowadays. The lock secures the trailer to your truck or vehicle and only you will be able to unlock it with the right set of keys. Trailer Coupler Lock (2-Piece Set) $18.85 REDARC TPSI-002 Tow-Pro Switch Insert $20.14 Car … I have it stuck again on a different truck, one with the ball mounted on the bumper. Browse our wide range of trailer locks, coupler locks, wheel clamps & locking hitch pins to get you geared up for your next adventure! To maintain safe operation, you have to give the load rating some thoughts as well. If you need a solid hitch lock that could hold together then 23518 fits the bill. Since it packs a combination of aluminum body and steel lock bar, Reese 72783 Coupler Lock is both light and tough. The trailer hitch lock is made from zinc which is rust and corrosion-free. You also get 2 keys for the lock. It isn’t the highest security lock, but most padlocks aren’t. The Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock - Stainless Steel Flush Design, # e98882, is one of our top sellers. During the installation of the Cocoweb lock, there is no need to worry about drilling, mounting hardware and similar issues. Moreover, as the lock of Master Lock is chrome plated and utilizes premium-grade steel, its endurance is also outstanding. Your IP: Master Lock 2866DAT Receiver Lock – Editor’s Choice, 3. It is not easy to pry, pierce, saw, or be abused in any possible way. About compatibility, the Tow Ready lock matches all standard 2-inch couplers that contain a flat lip on the bottom edge. 4.7 out of 5 stars 567. Another option from Connor Trailer is this hitch lock, that comes with both 1/2- and 5/8-inch pins. It’s worth noting that Reese 72783 Coupler Lock is available at an affordable price too. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. In the case that you decide to pick up Tow Ready 63228 Coupler Lock, you would receive two keys so you have a spare for emergencies. Comes complete with 2 keys; Fits any coupling head with a suitable lock slot The high-quality materials have anti-rust, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It is best to prevent rust at this stage. Current Price $28.56 $ 28. Sale. This universal coupler lock is designed to fit any type of trailer hitch easily and securely. Product Image. Moreover, U-BRP2516 is capable of maintaining a snug fit which should remove all possible holds that thieves can use. As Motormic Receiver Lock integrates a basic push-to-lock mechanism, locking it is just a walk in the park. It’s also great for dissolving rust and adhesive substances. To unlock Ohuhu Receiver Lock, you simply have to insert the key, turn it and the pin is going to pop out like other models. As 23518 packs a comparatively basic setup process, you don’t have to spend too much time and energy installing it. One of the lock pins in my 2 trailer hitch with weight dristribution bars is rusted in place. As it’s sold at a reasonable price, Connor 1615190 Receiver Lock is well-liked by budget-mind powers of trailers. Produced to make sure you know what you are getting and you get exactly what you need. In use, Master Lock 389DAT Coupler Lock features straightforward operation. So if you like to have insurance policies while buying things, the lock from Master Lock is the best trailer hitch lock for you. If your lock ends up rusting or corroding it could stop working entirely. Nonetheless, if you like to make a solid investment, you need to keep an eye out for the following models. It worked great for me and it did not rattle at all. Made from brass, the Ring Trailer Hitch is a great security device. The unique Turnart trailer lock can also resist drilling,picking and prying! Capable of resisting drilling, the lock made by Trimax proved to be a high-security model that you could count on. Hence, you would rarely experience obstruction as you turn the key to remove the lock. Constructed using heavy-duty steel, Connor 1615190 Receiver Lock could handle a wide range of abuses as well as outdoor elements. You do not need to mount or drill, just slide the pin and lock it. This is preferred by some because they do not trust basic spring steel to hold up over time and just want a more secure fastener for their hitch pin, but many more use these locks as their sole trailer hitch lock. By constantly incorporating new production techniques, technologies and so on, Master Lock is able to assemble outstanding hitch locks that work well in multiple settings. So once it comes to securing unhitched trailers, coupler locks tend to be ideal options. Doh! It fits nice and secure, and is easy to lock and unlock for quick removal when we travel with it. I have an older car (2006) with a trailer hitch on which I placed a lock many years ago. How Does This Happen? If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. My other 3 2-inch receiver locking hitch pins had wider shafts and didn’t fit my wife’s receiver on her new car. Eventually, the oxidation of the metal or steel on an object (in this case a vehicle hitch) will oxide, leading to corrosion and rust. 1 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 1. Therefore, Curt 23518 Receiver Lock is known as the best trailer hitch lock for those that hit the road year-round. Unsurprisingly, regarding reliability and consistency, trailer hitch locks of Connor prove to be unmatched. As the hitching arrangement changes considerably between trailers, you have to give compatibility some thoughts before buying a hitch lock. All in all cost about $40 in 'stuff' to get it out. By doing so, it’ll help make you more comfortable with the options out there. Yes! 5 Best Hitch Pin Locks Review [2021]: 1. You then would have a useless lock that you paid money for. These locks fit Class V, IV and III hitches, which 5/8 inch receivers. Browse our wide range of trailer locks, coupler locks, wheel clamps & locking hitch pins to get you geared up for your next adventure! Average Rating: (4.7) out of 5 stars 7 ratings, based on 7 reviews. AMPLock U-BRP2516 Coupler Lock is sold with several keys but if required, owners of trailers could order replacement keys. If you need technical assistance, the customer service set up by Motormic would help you resolve an assortment of issues. Designed to slide into fastener holes where hitches meet the frames of vehicles, receiver locks excel at securing hitched trailers. So in the case that you lose one key, you still have a spare round to unlock Ohuhu Receiver Lock. The number one enemy of rust is moisture combined with oxygen over a long period of time. Rust & Corrosion Proof. Besides that, the lock of Connor is accompanied by a splendid 1-year limited warranty too. In terms of compatibility, the lock of Ohuhu uses two pins, one for 0.5-inch receivers and one for 0.625-inch receivers. Built using top-class solid steel, the Ohuhu lock resists rust as well as corrosion. Connor Trailer Hitch/Receiver Lock. Compared to the average travel trailer hitch locks, 389DAT surely seems expensive but the values it possesses match the price. Installations Completed. Besides product buying guides/reviews, Chris also writes informative articles, how-to articles and RV camping guide in his own interesting viewpoint. Curt 23518 Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock, 5. Furthermore, the lock of Trimax handles heat, snow, moisture and other elements well so it’s going to work like a charm in harsh weather. Being a long-established brand,  Master Lock possesses a well-developed customer service as well. Ideal for trailers and caravans that use the coupling mechanism only, the hitch lock comes with a 50mm ball that fits into the trailer or caravan’s coupling mechanism and is then secured with a lock and key. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Once it comes to hitch locks for trailers, different people opt to choose different models. Hitch Pin and a 1/4 in. In addition, the lock from Connor integrates an innovative design that contains relatively few moving parts compared to its competitors. In the case that you must leave your unhitched trailer unattended every now and then, 72783 would be a worthwhile investment. Connor 1615190 Receiver Lock – Best Of The Best, 2. I experienced this firsthand myself and the anxiety meter shot through the roof about 9 PM at night after I hauled my new trailer home. Can I buy two replacement lock pins. The warranty of Tow Ready features extended coverage too which is undoubtedly a major plus. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest trailer hitch locks since 2018. Before shopping for a lock for your trailer hitch, you will need to find your hitch class. The key allows the alloy barrel to be rotated to block screwdriver access to this hole. Don’t let ease of use compromises security and durability though as in the end, you still need a solid hitch lock that deters theft. 5. This trailer coupler lock is resistant to rust because it is constructed from zinc. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Also, this has two keys, which make it nice in case we ever lose one. Type: Trailer Hitch Coupling Lock. That makes good sense and I think for many new trailer owners the frustration and inability to disengage the hitch lock lies in the mechanics of this hitch and latching mechanism and people's unfamiliarity in how the hitch works. Because of that, countless trailer coupler lock reviews give the lock made by Master Lock positive remarks for its compatibility. RV Talk may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links (at no extra cost to you). In use, models of Proven Locks would handle essentially everything that people throw at them. Hence, if you must let your trailer get out of your sight now and then, it’s strongly recommended that you grab a hitch lock. As for post-purchase support, Reese 72783 Coupler Lock is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Thus, you may keep one key around for regular use and put the spare in a discreet location for emergencies. Not all trailer hitch locks will last in every climate. Once rust has taken hold, it becomes very costly to repair or replace. Since the key slot of Connor 1615190 Receiver Lock is covered by a rugged rubber cap, it’s well-protected against corrosion and gunk in use. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. That is why beside security, you must take durability into account so as to buy a worthwhile trailer hitch lock. The key hole is covered by a waterproof and dirtproof cap so reliability is excellent. 0 users rated this 3 out of 5 stars 0. This Universal High Security Hitch Coupling Lock is designed to fit almost all tow couplings. Also, the AMPLock lock takes seconds to set up so you don’t have to worry about draw-out installation. Overall, it’s strongly recommended that you take a close look at the design, shape, dimension and so on prior to committing to a purchase. trailer hitch locking pin is rated up to 3,500 lbs (Class I and II), 5/8 in. LIBERRWAY Hitch Tightener for 1.25" and 2" Hitches 304 Stainless Steel Hitch Tightener Anti-Rattle Stabilizer Rust-Free Heavy Duty Lock Down Easy Installation Quiet $15.99 Reese Towpower 8507800 Brake Control Wiring Harness (for Toyota) $15.99 Tow Ready Reese 63831 Class IV Hitch Ball, Zinc - 2" Ball x 1-1/4" x 2-3/4", 8000 lbs. It’s a good idea to prioritize dependable hitch locks that keep trailers secured and gives thieves a tough time. We have been very happy with this lock. Without the device, you might not be able to protect your trailer from thieves who may be thinking that stealing your trailer is a great idea. Designed to fit standard 50mm tow balls. METOWARE Keyed Alike Trailer Hitch Receiver& Coupler Lock Kit, 5/8” Dia 3-1/2” Long Trailer Hitch Lock Receiver Pin Lock for Class III IV Receiver, 1/4” Dia Trailer Coupler Lock with 3/4” Inch Span 4.6 out of 5 stars 96. i’ve even tried wrapping a chain around a big tree and the ball mount (with the pin out of course)and driving as fast as i dared only to have the truck jolt to a stop without the mount coming out. Headquartered in Colorado, Trimax tirelessly analyzes the latest market demands and produces goods that meet the expectations of the customers. Being a high-priced model, UMAX100 requires certain considerations but if you have money to spend and care about quality, it’s the best trailer hitch lock you may get. The product was created to work with industry-standard receivers that are around ⅝ inches. Here’s what to do instead. In addition, the lock made by Tow Ready uses a reliable push-button locking mechanism that locks and unlocks consistently. Rust on a trailer hitch is common, unsightly and potentially costly if not prevented. This guide will provide step-by-step procedures on how to remove rust from a vehicle hitch. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to. That is why adapting 72783 to certain towing setups is essentially a walk in the park. Learn more, All in all, there is no such thing as the best hitch lock for everyone. In the case that you want peace of mind, you should think about putting Connor 1615190 Receiver Lock in your shortlist. By employing a 4-pin cylinder, 2866DAT excels at resisting picking attempts so it’s usually held in high esteem by those that care about security. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. Aside from that, thanks to the lightweight bodies, both Reese hitch locks packs outstanding portability. I like the fact that it comes with 2 sizes of hitch pins as that is the reason I need to buy another lock. Cons ; The key to this hitch lock is not uniquely designed. All in all cost about $40 in 'stuff' to get it out. Trailer Hitch/Lock Completely Rusted. $17.99 $ 17. asked by: Virgil P. 0. It will fit with 1-7/8 inch or 48mm, 2 inches or 51mm, and most 2-5/16 inch or 59mm trailer couplers. Some models even have locks on curve ends that could take time to pull out. A couple locks in the review earlier were rust and corrosion resistant. As a result, Motormic Receiver Lock is able to maintain consistent performance in challenging conditions. AMPLock U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock, How to Choose The Best Trailer Hitch Lock, The 12 Best Anti-Rattle Hitch Devices To Buy in 2021, Practical Methods for Dumping Black Water Tank at Home, Boondocking: The Ultimate Guide to Free Camping, A couple of users complain locks getting rusty, Users report receiving locks with incorrect dimensions, Several customers complain about missing keys. Also, as Reese 72783 Coupler Lock happens to have a bright yellow finish that is highly visible from a distance, it’s good at deterring theft. AMPLock offers trailer hitch locks that are keyed alike too. Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ Couplers – Trailer Lock; Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Here’s what to do instead. By incorporating ballistic nylon housing, Trimax UMAX100 Coupler Lock could take on multiple hammer blows and still remain essentially functional. Cocoweb C-Lock Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock, 6. As typical trailers may be hooked up to any vehicle with a hitch and towed away in seconds, the risk of theft is actually high. THE MOST SUITABLE PRODUCT ON THE MARKET:Let the Turnart hitch lock protect your trailer! 2-day delivery. It is also made in the USA which is a plus! The last thing you want to pick up is a lock that may be picked and removed in a moment. Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock Kit . Reese 7014700 is our top pick for the best trailer hitch lock. Packing extra long pins and adjustable O-ring for a snug fit, the Motormic lock gives a good account of itself in lots of setups. We purchased a trailer and are currently storing it until we need to use it and were worried someone may take the trailer from the lot. Elemake Trailer Hitch Lock - Hitch Pin Lock 5/8" Pin Tow Receiver Lock, Heavy Duty Brass Core Locking Mechanism, 3-1/2" Usable Length Fits Class III, IV, V Hitches. Receiver Hitch Lock With Cover Truck Trailer Coupler Towing Sercurity Locking Durobayuusaku Corrosion resistant; Easy to install; Prevent some low-life from stealing your valuable receiver and also helps prevent someone from pulling the pin and stealing the whole trailer; You will receive two keys, and the lock is covered with a cap to keep the dirt out. Needless to say, regarding ease of use, Master Lock 2866DAT Receiver Lock is deemed unmatched in its price range by many trailer hitch lock reviews. This hitch has seem limited use and is not showing many signs of rust yet. In addition to that, hitch locks for trailers of Trimax also come at reasonable prices. Rusty trailer hitch lock Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by MI_STEELHEAD, May 11 , 2006. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. I do know that needs to come out. Due to the presence of a snap-on cover, dirt and moisture should be incapable of accumulating inside the keyway. Keyed Alike 5/8 in. Obviously try to find the key first before attempting this removal. Besides that, due to its bright red finish, 389DAT usually stands out from the surrounding which would discourage illicit intentions. Capable of enduring extensive exposure to elements in the outdoors, the lock from Master Lock works well in various environments. He puts all that RV knowledge and experience to good use in his sharing posts. While hitch locks come in all sizes and shapes, all models on the market could be put into two types: receiver lock and coupler lock. Employing a shielded design, Tow Ready 63228 Coupler Lock is protected against many tampering devices so thieves would likely have an extremely hard time picking it. Phone Calls & Emails Answered. The average receiver locks for trailers look like metal pins with locks on the ends. Updated November 11, 2018 by Sam Kraft Resources. As it utilizes a tough spring-loaded locking mechanism, Trimax UMAX100 Coupler Lock would keep trailers well-secured while unhitched. 35,570. • When the ball mount on your trailer hitch is rusted in place, don’t whack at it with a sledgehammer. Hence, if your hitch lock fails because of manufacturing defects, it’s possible to claim a free replacement from Reese. asked by: Virgil P. 0. It keeps your trailer secure with a simple design. By utilizing an advanced watertight dust cap that stops the elements from reaching its internal components, 23518 is able to work reliably in lots of settings. Moreover, so as to avoid seizing, it’s best that you move the hitch of your trailer lock now and then during long-term storage. In the case that you grab a lock that fails to match the towing setup of your trailer, it’s as good as a paperweight. About handling, Trimax UMAX100 Coupler Lock is deemed highly portable thanks to its lightweight construction. Thus, Ohuhu Receiver Lock should work like a charm in an assortment of towing setups. As for aftermarket support, 63228 is backed by a decent 1-year limited warranty from Tow Ready. I have only used it for one trip and it worked great. Thanks to the integration of barbell-style locking mechanism, Curt 23518 Receiver Lock presents an impenetrable layer of security to trailers. Add to cart. This is less home improvement, more car improvement....but my car is at home and this involves similar skills, so please have mercy (or suggest a more appropriate sub!) In addition, you should also spend some time reading the reviews of other owners of trailers to get accurate assessments and narrow down your shortlist. on orders $35+ Gift eligible. Known for using high-quality materials in its products, Proven Locks is considered to be one of the leading brands of hitch locks for trailers. The pin was rusted into the D ring receiver I don't think the PB ever stood a chance to even get to it to start working. This makes it perfect for sticky situations like a ball hitch that won’t disconnect from a trailer or hitch receiver. This hitch lock is resistant to rust and corrosion. Is it possible to use keys of a certain lock to open other locks that belong to the same line? Hence, if you grab the lock kit from Reese, you don’t have to remember which key opens which lock. It is constructed from heavy duty steel plate that is coated for rust resistance and has a heavy duty lock with two keys. I feel like I replace my trailer hitch lock every single year and it's completely and totally covered in rust. To reassure owners of trailers about the quality of 2866DAT, Master Lock backs its lock with a sublime limited lifetime warranty. The incorporation of an advanced locking mechanism also lets Master Lock 389DAT Coupler Lock resist locking as well as prying. 0 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 0. It will also help you understand what you should be looking for in a high-quality trailer hitch lock. This is a Class III Receiver Hitch without Rust. A trailer coupler lock is attached to your trailer when it is decoupled from your towing vehicle and that means that no other car can be hooked up to your trailer. In general, typical trailer hitch locks only require basic care but for good measures, you should follow the maintenance instructions in the user’s manual. That is why UMAX100 tends to be regarded as one of the finest locks money can buy once it comes to resistance against physical impacts. If that is so, you must take a look at Cocoweb C-Lock Receiver Lock. This lock is an excellent option if you want to unhitch what you’re towing once you reach your destination. Like many other hitch locks, Cocoweb C-Lock Receiver Lock is accompanied by two keys so you have a spare in case things go south. 5.0 (1) 9 Orders. The economical cost of Tow Ready 63228 Coupler Lock makes it the best trailer hitch lock for those that happen to have tight wallets as well. Messages: 347 Likes Received: 4. Usually, owners of trailers don’t have to spend a fortune to get decent hitch locks but you must remember the rule of thumb: “You get what you pay for”. In the product review section, we discuss what we consider to be the best available trailer hitch locks on the market. Why is This Fix Relevant? Cloudflare Ray ID: 6096bc88ab8e1ec6 In the case that you have questions, get in touch with the manufacturer for answers. In the case that all you need is a robust trailer hitch lock, you should think about buying from Reese. Regarding compatibility, Curt 23518 Receiver Lock is made to suit run-of-the-mild 2-inch receivers but it’s wholly ill-suited for doubled-walled types. If the key operates the lock loosen the set screw with a screwdriver. "The Collar" Trailer Hitch Lock for Bulldog-style Couplers (Including the RAM) $59.95 ESP Truck Accessories Brake Controller Mounting Kit for 2014-2019 Toyota Tundra Compatible with Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller $79.95 RockyMounts LoBall Track quick release bike rack pick up truck $65.98 Gladiator Cargo Nets - Heavy Duty Truck Cargo Net - Large (LGN-100) 8.75' x 10' ft. $201.95 … Connor Trailer hitch locks are respected in the industry with its mechanisms to protect trailers left unattended. Trailer arm Mount Black Long Tow Bar with Pin Lock & Square Base Connector Converter. Ring Trailer Hitch Lock Extra Info. Many trailer owners say that the best way to lock a trailer is to use a hitch lock that will keep the trailer safe and protected especially when in storage. As proof of confidence, Master Lock is even willing to back its lock with a limited lifetime warranty that brings peace of mind to customers. x 2.76 in. Therefore, 63228 adapt well to all kinds of environments and personal demands from owners of trailers. One of the lock pins in my 2 trailer hitch with weight dristribution bars is rusted in place. 1 x Trailer Tow Ball Lock. Just drive the pin through the hitch, put on the lock, and swivel into place. Usually packing ball-shaped tops, coupler locks mount to the couplers of the trailer’s tongues and prevent unwanted hitching. Because of that, Trimax UMAX100 Coupler Lock allows people to avoid the possibility of having to cut open the lock due to damaged keys. See attached pic. 8. Engineered as a plain push-to-lock model, 2866DAT would be locked once you push the lock body into the pin and remove the key. The price difference is only a few dollars from the chrome to the stainless steel so it is definitely the better buy. Able to absorb shocks, U-BRP2516 would proceed to fold/bump instead of falling apart after it receives major blows. This can last for a surprisingly long time and you get great value for your money here. Usually, trailer locks are either ½-inch or ⅝-inch pins. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Unsurprisingly, the lock from Reese is sought after by owners of trailers that have tight wallets but still wish to grab a decent hitch lock. BOYISEN 5th Wheel King Pin Lock Solid Steel Anti Theft for RVs, Container Trailers and Campers with Handles Warning Tag 4.7 out of 5 stars 400. The locking mechanism is designed to be advanced and prevent thieves from prying or picking it open. Simple and robust, Ohuhu Receiver Lock is well-received by people that prioritize practicalness once it comes to hitch locks. Reese 72783 Coupler Lock – Editor’s Choice, 4. You can buy a trailer hitch in a wide range of sizes or shapes. Regarding the receiver lock, it should match 0.5 and 0.625-inch receivers so all in all, adding 7014700 to trailers is a cakewalk. Stainless steel body (no rust) Premium Lock with deadlock operation for increased security; 3 Security keys supplied ; Fits Bradley Doublelock coupling D type handle and Bradley Doublelock Autohead Hitch; This product is shown in: Vehicle & Trailer > Trailer & Vehicle Security You may also be interested in. The lock cylinder is also rubber covered which is nice as it rests on a ledge on our receiver hitch so the rubber help prevent messing up the finish on the hitch. Since the Cocoweb lock employs a barbell-style locking mechanism, it guarantees optimal fitness and prevents thieves from removing it forcefully at the same time. It has a color scheme of bright red that makes those people who want to take away the trailer away from you to think twice with their bad intentions. Share - Caravan Trailer Security Universal Coupling Hitch Lock. That is unless I am thinking of the opposite problem in which case you would use a traditional flush lock such as # e98880 for 2 inch hitches or # e98879 for 1-1/4 inch hitches. More Buying Choices $15.44 (3 used & new offers) motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set - 2pcs. Removing trailer hitch that's rusted in the receiver - YouTube If subjected to continuous assaults, all locks eventually give way but sturdy ones could at least last until someone catches the thieves in the act. Therefore, it’s suggested that you use the parameters of your hitch as references to get a suitable hitch lock. It's pivotal that you purchase a good trailer hitch lock, but the process may seem daunting once you see the array of options available. A high-quality coupler lock also makes a good gooseneck trailer lock! It’s worth noting that many manufacturers of hitch locks produce replacement keys upon request. Currently, the best trailer hitch lock is the Amplock U-BRP2516. All you have to do is to slide in the pin, lock it and that is going to be everything. Boasting a resilient heady-duty construction that incorporates a mix of stainless steel and ducted cast iron, AMPLock U-BRP2516 Coupler Lock possesses impressive durability. Utilizing a push-to-lock design, the lock made by Ohuhu is widely deemed a breeze to operate: all you need to do is to push in the pins until you hear a “click” sound. 4.7 out of 5 stars 871. Due to the purpose of hitch locks, it’s quite obvious that security would be one of the top criteria. Like other types of locks, trailer hitch locks would be sold alongside a spare key. 3.3 (3) 12 Orders. It keeps your trailer secure with a simple design. Because of that, AMPLock U-BRP2516 Coupler Lock is considered to be the best trailer coupler lock on the market. $17.99 $ 17. The heavy duty tough Auto Trailer Hitch was designed to be of a high quality and offer top security to your trailer just like the best locks available today.

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