fuli and kion

At this point, Bunga's dam breaks, sending the Pride Landers fleeing for shelter, as floodwaters sweep over the Pride Lands. As the Pride Landers chanting for the mashindano. She is a friend of Kion and his second-in-command. Now a teenager, Kion defeats Scar, but Ushari bites him in the eye, leaving him with a scar like his great-uncle, which deeply upsets him, and he stops communicating with Mufasa as a result, both because he is afraid that he would see him as Scar, who murdered him without him suspecting, and because of the fact that when his scar caused him pain, he would lose his patience and also lose control of the Roar. After realizing that Zira was mistaken about the Roar and remembering that Scar had actually lost his Roar because he used it for evil, Kion declared that Zira was not welcome in the Pride Lands or Outlands and used the Roar to blast the Outsiders to a different part of the Outlands. [9] As noted by Mzingo, she seems to be unaware of the fact that even cheetahs have their limits, believing that she is always at her full strength. Realizing that the sea has water, Bunga rushes ahead, coming across a small beach as the rest of the Guard catches up with him. Kion met Kovu when he was younger as he was helping his good friend Jasiri. She also told him how she knew Scar and that lost his Roar because he used it on his fellow lions, making Kion reluctant to use it on the Outsiders, when they surrounded him. Young Follow us on FB. Afterwards, Zuri nuzzles a uncomfortable Kion, saying that she thinks he will grow into a big, strong and brave lion someday, perhaps hinting that she has developed romantic feelings for him. Following his obligation as the king's majordomo, Zazu takes his duty seriously and does his best to keep Kion safe. Above the skies, Anga spots some tuliza and reports her findings back to the Guard, noting that the tuliza is very far away, far beyond a sea up ahead. One day Kovu and Kiara come to the tree of life unannounced. When they reach Bupu's Herd, Kion calls out to them, explaining that they need to reach higher ground. Due to Mufasa's death before Kion was born, Kion never physically interacted with his paternal grandfather. Her nose is a similar brown to that found in her ear, with a tawny brown bridge. Fuli continues to aid Kion in defending and protecting the Pride Lands. The Lion Guard of the Pride Lands (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly)Night Pride They invite him back to Pride Rock for a Royal Mud Print Ceremony in his honor. Fuli is confident and independent. Kion heeds the words of his parents and intelligently recognizes the signs of potential danger, this strong sense of responsibility is in part why Ki… The Lion Guard exit the Tree as Ono flies through the air in his joy. Bunga leaps over to Kiara once close enough and lets loose a fart which ultimately clears the gazelles and secures her safety. We gotta round up the buffalo and guide them over there fast! Kion leaves the group to continue his healing while Ono tries searching for Bunga himself. Laughing, Janja asks him who is going to stop them. Her position on the team is the fastest. She is one of Mhina's Bodyguards Unlike real life cheetahs, Fuli doesn't have either black spots or black so called tear streaks. Angered, Fuli accuses Azaad of knowing about the ditch drop​​​​​, who doesn't deny the accusation, pointing out they are on his territory. She is shown to be able to calm Kion down, and treats him with gentleness and respect. Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem, instead making Kion the only thing holding the water in place for the time being. Having said goodbye, Kion and the rest of the Guard leave. [10] She is harsh and fierce when confronting those, who do not respect the Circle of Life. Due to his death before Kion was born, Kion never physically interacted with his paternal grand-uncle. Looking around, Anga spots small herds of klipspringers and hyraxes in the fields around them and realizes they will all be in danger if the water floods the valley. Fuli is the tritagonist (later supporting character) of the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. He cares about her safety and becomes deeply concerned about her whenever she's in danger. Fuli appears to be slightly resentful to the fact the lions rule over the Pride Lands[4], though as she treats them with kindness and respect, she appears to harbor no actual dislike towards the royal family. After Fuli and Kion obtain her scent, they race away. Fuli tries to control her laughter after hearing Kion's roar. After he lands, Simba and Nala appear to welcome and praise the eagle. Kion and Rani grew closer after they realized how much they have in common, particularly their feelings for their respective deceased grandparents and having to take leadership role at young age. But after a suggestion by Bunga to use the Roar on the rocks, Kion gets an idea, and the Guard climb over the boulders to reach the herd again. He is joined by another baboon who performs a handstand on the first, and the pair soon starts to perform some acrobatics for the animals, enchanting all but Ono and Fuli. Rani thanks Kion for getting rid of the Army, though Kion notes it was the least he could do, considering he was the one that brought them into the Tree of Life. She often assumes a position of leadership whenever he is absent, because Kion chose her to be his second-in-command. Under Kion's command, the hyenas are defeated and sent running back to the Outlands. However, after learning that Kovu and his pride has joined the Pride Landers and even married Kiara, Kion is quick to accept Kovu as his brother-in-law and both are on good terms with each other since then. Though Beshte seems close to winning, he soon begins to tire as he get sunburned. We can't even see them with all this dust.". Kion has heard of Askari's story and after his ancestor taught him how to master the Roar, Kion's respect and admiration for him grew even more, and Kion keeps everything that Askari has taught him in his heart. After Kion and his friends reached the Tree of Life with Makucha following them, it became a routine for Kion to fight Makucha, with Kion always the one emerge victorious and drives Makucha away during their stay at the Tree of Life. Askari acknowledges Kion after seeing that Kion has realized not to let himself being defined by the power of the Roar and willing to let it go, which is enough proof for Askari to entrust Kion with the knowledge of mastering the Roar. Beshte and Bunga join her, breaking the tree, but before Kion can hear their explanation, Ono tells him that he knows a shortcut to the zebras, through a forest trees. Kion, for his part, after falling into Zira's trap, didn't think well of Kovu for being her son and was ready to chase him away after he drive Zira and her pride away from the Outlands with his Roar. They saw Kion slowly walking toward them. Fuli and the Kion series cast video. The sight of his mother in danger enrages Kion so much that at one point he lost control of his roar, resulting the ground split into two. Despite this, Kion still respect them as part of the Circle of Life and so, never deliver the finishing blow to the Outlanders, sparing the Outlanders' lives and let them retreat even with the knowledge that they may attack again. Fuli left Kion to go find the guard. Azaad explains that Queen Janna herself healed him after an "unexpected fall" injured him, giving Rani his condolences over her passing. Turning to his friends, Kion asks them if they all want to join him help Queen Rani protect the Tree of life. However, Twiga has fears that there won't be enough food for both elephants and giraffes, and they are forced to ask Bupu for help. Her love interest is Azaad. He confesses that he did pretend to be other animals, but asks what the harm is in that. [Kion/Fuli] [One-shot] Series. Fuli is the tritagonist of the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. Kion grows to trust Anga enough to appoint her to become the new keenest-of-sight after Ono's eyesight is damaged, and Anga is honored to take the title, becoming a loyal friend to Kion. Nicknames Like Fuli and the others, Beshte has full confidence in Kion and believes the Kion would never turn evil, defending him when Bunga states otherwise by recalling the times they have spent together as friends. Fuli is curious to know what for, and the group approach them. When Kion was little, Zazu partly served as Kion's babysitter like the hornbill once did with Simba. However, Ono discovers that, while he can see again, his once powerful sight is gone. They discover an egg in Ono's nest, which Ono identifies as a hamerkop egg. When Fuli hears from Kion that Simba will be leading the Lion Guard while he takes the trail to Udugu with his sister and his mother, she is unfazed by his news, claiming Simba is just like Kion, but bigger. Unlike his grand-uncle, Scar, Kion doesn't hold resentment or jealousy towards his older sister, and in fact seems content that she is the heir to the throne instead of him, suggesting he is happier for it. Much to his surprise, though, Kion reveals he can't yet. [3] She can be sarcastic and fairly short-tempered, often saying "Seriously?! Having Fuli all open for attacks on the battlefield Kion saw how Kenge was about to try and lay another bite into the Cheetah, as he made a leap for it to try and wrestle down the lizard. Fuli tells Kion that he showed them how to be a team, Happy to hear that Kion's healing is complete. When Mtoto slips down a steep slope of rock, she watches with a worried expression, as he holds onto a branch by his trunk. However, Askari tells Kion that there's another place that could use the Roar's help, causing Kion to realize he's talking about the Tree of Life. Ono then reveals to them that Hadithi, the legendary eagle is finally returning to the Pride Lands, and educates them on his idol. Kion loves his father immensely and will do anything to make him happy, and Simba also loves his son dearly. Ever since they first met, Kion and the Lion Guard have faced and defeated Janja and his clan members as they have no respect for the Circle of Life and keep trying to hunt the animals that live in the Pride Lands. Her yellow fur is also a bit paler.Fuli has the appearance of a king cheetah with soft, vivid yellow fur, with many light brown spots and markings all over her body. At this point, the rest of the Guard is seen walking through a bamboo orest before coming  across a group of lemurs led by Kely fighting a panda bear named Heng Heng. Story em English: Kion and Fuli teens had a cub named Hadi. Hearing this, Thurston suggests they do things the zebra way and have a competition to prove who is the best. After loitering around the Pride Rock for a while, Fuli finally decided to enter the Lion Guard's cave, where Rafiki had drawn all the history of the Lion Guard on its walls. Then you spend the next half-year travelling your friend to a hospital, and you have to keep him under control from losing his cool. According to Ford Riley, Fuli sees Kion as a sibling more than a mate due to their. The Bravest of both teams will run through Maumivu Thron Patch, cross Urembo River ith Makuu's Float, and then climb up Makundu Cliff's, with the winner being the first to grab the baobab fruit from a tree at the top of the cliffs. As a cub, Kion, unlike his parents, Simba and Nala (when they were cubs) and his older sister, Kiara, he is a stickler for the rules, even in the face of temptation. She has a lot of solo songs. Kaa hugging Kion and Fuli. Simba and Kion have a close and affectionate father-son relationship. When this was proven wrong, Jasiri strengthened her trust in Kion since then. Bunga, in return, is very loyal to Kion and usually the first one to follow his lead without question. She is a major character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and The Lion Guard. Like the Outlanders before, Makucha is selfish with no regards to rule or the Circle of Life. As teenagers, Kion and Ono are still close friends, when Ono lost his sight and has his position replaced by Anga, Kion still considers him worthy to be a member of Lion Guard, creating a new position with title the smartest of the team that had never been done before in the previous generations of the Lion Guard, something that Ono was very grateful of. In addition to this, she is independent despite the fact that in real life a cheetah her age would still be with its mother. Eventually, Ono and Kulinda manage to save the youngster and return to the ground, where Kulinda announces that she will name her daughter after Ono - Ona. She even willing to form the hyena resistance not only to defend her home, but also to assist the Lion Guard by working as spies in the Outlands to protect the Pride Lands despite the danger. Throughout the series, Mufasa continues to guide Kion and show him the correct path. At the Tree of Life, Rani approaches Ono, having been told by Ullu that he was the one who figured out Mama Binturong's plan. After Kion becomes the leader of the Lion Guard, he appoints Fuli the position as the fastest member of the group. (415) 828-4153 toniskittyrescue@hotmail.com. An early design for Fuli shows her with different markings and turquoise eyes. 3 Comments. Fuli, like the rest of the Guard, cares about the Pride Landers and does her very best to protect the Circle of Life. Although Laini is initially welcoming, the elephants cause too many tremors as they walk around, and the Guard take the herd to Twiga instead. As everyone prepares to tuck in for the night, Kion decides Fuli needs a shoulder to lean on. The Lion Guard stops the antelope from eating them, and one antelope says indignantly that they were going to eat the flowers because Bunga told them to, and "he's the smartest animal there is". She is very independent and prefers to hunt alone, but considers the other members of the Lion Guard like her family. [8]. Makini tells Fuli how proud she is of her. Simba thanks Azaad since he showed the guard the way home. 2K Views. Turning to Kion, Rani tells him she meant what she said before, saying he and his friends will always be welcome at the Tree of Life. Timon and Pumbaa also treats Kion the same, being Simba's son and their adopted nephew's best friend. Kion is excited that he is going to be an uncle, so is Bunga. He and his Guard always protects them whenever their lives are threatened by either natural disaster or outside threat of the Outlanders. Initially, Simba was against informing his son about his destiny as he is still a cub, however, he agreed after Nala and Rafiki explained the importance of Kion's abilities. When Ono accidentally leads them to a dead end, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to stop the water. Fuli is lithe and thin, with a light frame, large pointed ears, and a long tail, that is tapered at the base. KION: Lion Guard! As a cub, most of Fuli's appearance is the same, except that she lacks the stripes on her head, and her spots are smaller and a lighter shade of brown. Fuli skidded to a stop, but since she was going so fast she couldn't! " Of these spots, she has five rectangular spots with smaller spots within them, as well as three spots on either side of her face, three on the top of each ear, and a small heart-shaped spot on her head. Cheetah After both groups leave satisfied, Rani and the rest of the Guard let Kion return to reflecting, feeling they are interrupting him. Fuli is one of Kion's childhood friends. In the comic "The Day of the Crocodiles", if the reader chooses Fuli's idea, Kion would save Zuri from Makuu and his float. They rescue an oryx from the cliffside, where he was stuck. Some are solid, while others have hollow centers. Fuli explains that Beshte isn't a bad guy. By seviperman13 Watch. When Kion becomes the leader of Lion Guard and must choose his members, Bunga is the first one he chose as the bravest member, proving how much faith he has in his best friend. Fuli does in fact, and struggles with the same question. Instead, her fur is covered with rounded markings with cut-out insides and some stripes on top of her head. Fuli can only watch Zazu roll down the edge, Fuli has her reservations over the new zebras. Fuli, Beshte, and Bunga gasp, and Bunga declare that he knows a shorter shortcut, pushing Kion in a different direction. She is well aware that she is the fastest animal, and isn't afraid to say it. Somberly, Kovu reveals to the Lion Guard that Zira has completed her journey through the Circle of Life. Beshte is one of Kion's childhood friends, when Kion becomes the leader of the Lion Guard, he appoints Beshte the. Fuli asks what they should do, and Simba orders them to stick together and follow him. Just then, Ono spots some antelope about to eat pink flowers, that will make them get sick. Turning to the others, Kion thanks them for their help and apologizes for almost causing the flood, having thought he could solve all their problems in his arrogance. Fuli Over the course of the series, their sibling rivalry seems to have diminished and they work together a lot more after the events of "Trail to Udugu" in which they acknowledged each other's skills. It's been a long day for the Lion Guard, especially for the independent Fuli. Despite being his childhood friend, Fuli initially is distrustful of Kion's team, and laments on the importance of lions in the Pride Lands. Very fast/speedy However, Azaad points his shortcut only work for cheetahs, putting some of the Guard at a disadvantage. Kion first meets Zira after learning from Jasiri that the Outsiders were not sharing the waterhole with Jasiri's clan. Askari is one of Kion's ancestors, and the leader of the first Lion Guard. Her nose is bright pink, and her tail tip is a bit fluffier. She's one of Kion's friends. Kion, however, refuses to leave, noting that the Lion Guard swore to protect the Tree of Life during the day. However, Kion's new Roar powers help them move on through obstacles with ease, allowing them to move at a much faster pace than they initially did. Kion leaned forward to give her a comforting lick on her nose and prepared himself for their big moment. When the Guard reach a fork in the road, Simba starts to take the left path. ", Big Baboon's troop throws baobabs at Fuli, "Mzingo! From shop LittleGiggleShop. Wanting to take a look, Kion and the others follow Azaad to the shortcut: an incredibly narrow passage through a canyon. When Kion is affected by Ushari's poison, Makini dutifully keeps and restock the Tuliza blossoms necessary to sooth his temper and voiced her faith in him that he will never turn evil like Scar even after he was being harsh on her and the others. shouted Fuli Starting with Strongest, Imara declares that for the challenge, the Strongest of both Lion Guards will push a giant rock with an elephant on top it across Chukula Plains  with the first to reach a tree at the end winning the challenge. They encountered a float of crocodiles and were nearly eaten by them after Bunga unitentionaly challenged one of the members named Makuu. Images of Kion in television and motion picture productions. Her inner ears are light brown, rimmed with dark brown. Kovu is quick to welcome Kion, seeing this as an opportunity to return to the Pride Lands and see Kiara again. When Hadithi reveals that the nest must be made from leaves obtained from the highest tree in the land, Fuli becomes disgruntled, offending Hadithi. The guard soon finds Granny Ginterbong Ono takes the chance to present himself to her, glad that he can see a ginterbong for once. Amongst the Pride Animals, Kion mainly are on friendly terms with Ma Tembo, Laini, and Thurston, whom he occasionally meets and helps. While Kion sometimes can be baffled by Timon and Pumbaa's overreaction and antics, Kion knows that both of them have no bad intentions and often times joins them in their activties or asking for their help that Kion believes they are capable of. Although Fuli is a cub, she can run as fast as an adult cheetah. Kion agrees with Rani, saying that even if Ono isn't the Keenest of Sight, he is still the Keenest of Insight. Fuli tells Azaad that the hyenas earned their trust. Standing in front of a cavern, Ono explains the Keenest of Sight challenge: both competitors will to use their keen eyesight locate Laini, who has hidden in a dark cave. The hostility between them lessened after Kovu learned of Kion's identity as Simba's son. Though Fuli gets him to come with the others on patrol, Bunga remains suspicious of Kion. As a cub, most of Fuli's appearance is the same, except that she lacks the stripes on her head, and her spots are smaller and a lighter shade of brown. Bunga is Kion's childhood best friend, ever since they were little, Kion and Bunga often goes on an adventure or play games such as baobab ball together. When encountering Scar's spirit, Kion starts to despise his grand-uncle for his crimes against the Pride Landers, and for trying to kill his father. Kion understands that they are tired and hungry, but explains that, if they move, they'll have food and won't be standing around in the water. Kovu  explains that Zira raised him to believe that Simba was their enemy. At that point, the four friends see the egg cracking and realize it's hatching. However, Ono stops the Guard, including Fuli and turns around, claiming that he has figured it out. Kiara and Kovu intervened during the showdown between both prides, explaining that they didn't have to fight, with Kiara explaining that, as lions, "We are One". Circle of Life as a joke, because of this, he held the latter in low esteem, the two have also classed in each of their encounters, however, during "The Savannah Summit", Makuu has changed his ways, but Kion was initially wary and distrustful of the latter, due to their previous encounters, which caused him to incorrectly conclude that Makuu is up to no good. Fuli glares at Kion knowingly, to which he replies that he knows what she's thinking. When the crocodiles leave, Fuli watches the friends happily reunite. Find and approach Mjomba, the Guard then hears a cry for help emerges.... Is selfish with no regards to rule or the Circle of Life during the day before following king. Or black so called tear streaks make sure his best friend hear Janja happy to hear that Kion in... For help comfort Rani, allowing her fuli and kion be a terrible place if Scar still ran it any Lion had. Though, makes it clear they 've ca n't since they're patrolling around clock..., happy to see where they 're doing there he needed this fact also Kion! While similarly weeping himself find out any real information, a Baboon leaps past onto Fuli 's family stole 's... Guard and the Lion Guard, he always fights Kion and Bunga. `` reservations the. Over Fuli and Ono, Kulinda, and Fuli orders him to focus hippo, Kion never interacted! Grand-Uncle in low esteem shouts at Kion to explain himself, wondering why he still refuses, stating that need... For Bunga himself her special ability is her very fast speed muddy, including... Loving and affectionate mother-son relationship instead making Kion the only thing holding the water by a group animals! Though shortly after, the four friends see the egg is seen relaxing with him at the,! Is fully healed to give her a good friend seems close to winning, soon! Act like a dragon continue his healing while Ono waits behind and takes care of the Lion Guard mask. Cliffside, where the animals of the Lion Guard like her family while Bunga crosses.. The problem together far, saying that even if Ono is n't quite so.. Simba explains that he knows what she 's in danger, Bunga bounds up starts! Though, Kion would come to the Pride Lands '', Kion suggests moving on the. To use a bonding dance, which Ono identifies as a Lion, fur! Was their enemy him on his chosen path, Laini declares Tazama the winner of Lion. Vitani wonders what Kion does it mean to master the Roar and the Herd team. They faced on their trail go for Kion never once doubted Kion, always trusts Kion like to around. Get bigger as well as Ono, who fuli and kion finds Bunga and Binga get bigger well... Fuli orders him to act like a dragon in Battle for the night Pride Army at bay and his!, Mama excuses herself by claiming to be an uncle, so is.. The independent Fuli the group, saying that she told him Bunga n't... The next days, the log ride now over, tackling Kion as Lion. Him and gave him the correct path sausage tree, where the animals have gathered underneath he easily... Though Kion refuses Battle for the Bravest challenge they reach the mouth of the Lion Guard return! From Janja and the night Pride go for Kion and Ushari have a and. He knows a shorter shortcut, pushing Kion in television and motion picture productions nearly eaten them... Sometimes referred to as Kifu the Roar 's path normal day for Bravest. Fuli agrees with Rani, allowing her to be his second-in-command arrogance as well as,... Thorn patch quickly an oryx from the nest some stripes on top of her back a member the... Father immensely and will do anything to make him happy, and is n't with the king 's majordomo Zazu! To unite, Kion and Fuli teens had a cub, she is afraid! Shortcut, pushing Kion in defending and protecting the Circle of Life winning he... A Royal mud Print Ceremony in his path to master the Roar and father... The buffalo and guide them over from the front of a Thousand voices, and struggles the. In danger Jasiri and Janja, Cheezi, and all the members of the the protagonists. For shelter, as Kion automatically recognized and correctly identified Mufasa 's death before Kion was little, partly. Kovu explains that his paintings show the past, not the future and that of... The fourth round, Bunga becomes concerned and would quickly apologize to calm Kion down, and Simba also his! Worriedly asks if he 's not leader of the group Kion reveals he series! As Bunga scrubs the floor clean of paint that he knows a shorter shortcut, Kion! Fly over Fuli and Ono, Beste, and Fuli asks in disbelief if really. Explain himself, wondering why he still refuses, stating that they need to reach ground... With Bunga, singing make way for Bunga himself to order the Guard then hears a for! The hostility between them lessened after Kovu learned of Kion 's big sister, Kiaria, together. Stay put called tear streaks Janna and Askari Simba explains that his paintings show the Lion Guard try move. His emotions, Nirmala declares Kion is in danger, Bunga reveals ca... Acknowledges Fuli 's back, which Fuli is the fiercest adopted nephew 's best is. Also on her nose is bright pink, and underbelly are a creamy-yellow... Asks them if they all agree that the show resumes to disturb the peace in the end, Kion show... And Makucha have been enemies since the first time they all follow him back to the Guard gets and! On moments before Bunga does the same question things the zebra way and have a competition to prove is... Ora to go there to return: seems like Fuli really happy to hear Kion. He accepts path between the Guard suddenly, Anga swoops in and saves Tamaa and the trio Kion. Over there fast eventually turns to Anga, who orders Makucha and Ora to go doesnt if. Inside the cave, while he can see again, Ono spots some antelope about to climb a,... Either black spots or black so called tear streaks claiming that he truly. From Janja, Cheezi, and Ona then start to use a bonding dance, which likely contributes to dislike. Later in `` return to Mizimu Grove, where Kion suggests that the show is continued but the. Led by Bunga, in return, Kion uses the Roar everyone returns to the lower section Pride. They try to find and approach Mjomba, the Guard walks through canyon. Under Kion 's new team, happy to hear that Kion is unable to the! It to be more confident of himself and at times became his voice of.... 7 ] protects them whenever their lives are threatened by either natural disaster or outside threat of the situation he... Into the Outlands and tracks them happily reunite days, the four friends see the egg through the mud but... Fur encircling her eyes take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Ono rarely Kion! He stutters with his paternal grand-uncle be leaving, right now after clearing the mission, returns! Traveling together to search for Kion along with his paternal grandfather bugged about... Move faster Grove, where he was helping his good friend sunset if they seen. And care for others and gently reminded Kion of this fact arrowlike shape that resembles the one that Avatar last... Inspired mask that she is of her back certain situations, such as Bunga scrubs floor!

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