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At all times when work is being performed. Only fire extinguishers that have been listed or approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory meet OSHA requirements. Stairways which will not be a permanent part of a structure on which work is being done shall have a landing of at least ____ by ____ inches. What is the maximum arresting force a harness can place on an employee? If guardrails made with these materials meet the required criteria such as strength, deflection and smooth surface, OSHA will accept them. Toe board or mesh fencing installed on scaffolding protects workers below the scaffolding from what hazards? A multi-point adjustable scaffold must be supported by _____ ropes. The advantage of these guardrails is that they can be removed if needed. A guard can be removed for a tool which is designed to have a guard. Employees shall be protected from falling through holes more than six (6) feet above lower levels by... Each employee on a steep roof with unprotected sides and edges six (6) feet or more above lower levels shall be protected from falling by... Who is responsible for providing and installing fall protection systems? They are easy to build, economical, and practical. What kind of switch device should all power concrete trowels be equipped with? Generally, flexible cords cannot run through holes in covers, boxes, or similar enclosures. ___ gloves provides the highest permeation resistance to gas or water vapors. These systems are offered in selections, such as non-penetrating, fixed and portable, to fit your passive fall protection system … 1910.29(b)(10) When guardrail systems are used at hoist areas, a removable guardrail section, consisting of a top rail and midrail, are placed across the access opening between guardrail sections when employees are not performing hoisting operations. This will prevent any tools from falling off the platform. Class G (General) provides good impact protection but limited voltage protection (___V). Electrical shocks, fires, or falls result from the following hazards: Electrical accidents are caused by a combination of the following three factors: The OSHA standard requires flexible cords to be designed for ___. When hoisting personnel the load line must have a load safety factor of at least _____ times. The Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) suggests a philosophy that is based on the Pareto principle (80% of the application can be delivered in 20% of the time required to … Where swinging loads are being hoisted onto a or near a scaffold such that the loads might contact the scaffold, ... a tag line or equivalent measures to control the load shall be used. Specifically used as a fixed fall protection solution this type of guardrail is great for loading docks, pits, parapet walls, and roof decks. Have a three-wire cord plugged into a grounded receptacle. Generic term for a group of naturally occurring, fibrous minerals with high tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to heat, chemicals, and electricity, Recurring or persistent exposure to symptoms; chronic. Suspended scaffolds, the type that are suspended by a wire rope from a fixed overhead position (usually placed at the top of a building). Which one of the fall arrest systems must limit a worker from free falling two feet? AASHTO M-180 standard for highway guardrails are also can be made according to client’s requirements. A person who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards and has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them is known as a... What is another name in the CFR that is used in place of a trench box? A crane's mobility and safety during lifting operations are governed by the interplay of all these principles EXCEPT: How often must a thorough documented inspection of hoisting machinery be carried out by a competent person? Circulating heating devices must have a clearance of _________ from the rear and sides of the device. What is the maximum size opening in a safety net? The mid-rails of guardrails must be capable of withstanding how many pounds of force applied at any point, in any direction. A fixed ladder's side rails must extend at least _____ inches above the top of the landing platform served by the ladder. When it completes a circuit through the body. 0.5 Master links, shackles, wire ropes, and all other rigging hardware must be capable of supporting at least _____ times the maximum intended load without failure. Where employees must travel between workplaces during a work shift, the safety data sheets must be kept in the vehicle used to go from place to place and also at each worksite. When equipment is parked on inclines, the wheels must either be chocked or the parking brake be set. It is then sleeved in Hi-Density Thermoplastic Polyethylene which makes it maintenance free. Under certain circumstances, which one of these engineering controls can create a caught-between hazard? The top-rails of guardrails must be capable of withstanding _____ pounds of force applied at any point, from any direction? A hazardous substance that is used to coat exterior surfaces; often damaging the liver, kidneys, blood, and spleen because of long-term (chronic) overexposure. All scrap lumber, waste material, and rubbish shall be removed from the immediate work area as the work progresses. The top guardrail for other than one- or two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds shall be capable of withstanding a force applied in any downward or horizontal direction of at least... Crossbracing is acceptable in place of a midrail if the end points are no more than 48 inches apart, and the crossing point distance is between... Toeboards should be at least _____ inches in height. Compressed air hoses used on concrete pumping systems shall be provided with positive fail-safe joint connectors to prevent separation of sections when pressurized. Under no circumstances can an excavation go below the level of the base or footing of any foundation or retaining wall. The distance from the platform of a supported scaffold to the structure being worked on must not exceed _____ inches. Because conventional fall protection equipment can create greater hazards for certain workers, the fall protection plan option is available for all these jobs EXCEPT: Positioning devices must be rigged such that an employee cannot free fall more than _____ feet. These are made of solid organic or inorganic material: Dusts This can be cause from welding: Gases ... Guardrails, safety net systems and personal fall arrest systems. Additionally, shields can be either premanufactured or job-built in accordance with 1926.652(c)(3) or (c)(4). When the blades of a fan are less than _____ feet above the floor, the blades should be guarded. A means of ensuring that cranes are not overloaded, The principle stating that the rotation of the cab or boom changes the center of gravity; also known as fulcrum, Cranes must be uniformly level within ______ percent of level grade and located on firm footing. Stackable Guardrails. It is recommended that Guardrail and Handrail systems used for Work at Height are inspected at least every 12 months. Cranes must have all of the following pieces of information conspicuously posted and visible to operators EXCEPT: The rated load of a crane should not exceed the original capacity specified by ___. Workers should not enter or leave a hoisted platform until it is _____ the structure where the work is to be performed. It consists of two parallel, horizontal beams, upon which a board is placed (usually wooden). Generally, the use of a crane to hoist personnel is prohibited. Who shall make available first aid services and provisions for medical care? (Select all that apply.). Written operating procedures are not required for the selection and use of respirators. Mobile scaffolds are similar to frame scaffolds but are fitted with _____. Nails must be removed from all used lumber before it can be stacked. Master links, shackles, wire ropes, and all other rigging hardware must be capable of supporting at least _____ times the maximum intended load without failure. to wash your hands). Guardrail systems are required to be in place on any unprotected edges of stairway landings. Portable Construction Guardrail Where are load capacity charts and instructions required to be posted on personnel hoists? When U-bolt wire rope clips are used for eye splices, the U-bolt shall be applied so that the "U" section is in contact with the dead end of the rope. Each crane should receive a thorough inspection every ________ by a competent person or government or private agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. A platform can be provided over the lower run of horizontal belts and must be guarded on either side by a railing completely filled in with wire mesh or other filler, or by a solid barrier. A. 23 kg/50 lbs each) placed on the horizontal beam of the guardrail. What type of fire extinguisher would you select for fires that are fueled by electrical equipment? If a medical clinic or facilities are not within reasonable distance, what is the employer required to do? The operation of laser systems shall be prohibited, where practical, if it is raining or snowing or there is fog or dust in the air. Bi-directional equipment such as rollers should be provided with audible alarm systems for either direction. More people on construction job sites are killed by ___ hazards than any other cause. The safety and health standards (OSHA) are promulgated by: The prime contractor and any subcontractor may make their own arrangements with respect to obligations which might be more appropriately treated on a jobsite basis rather than individually. They are usually small in size and are commonly used for one or two story residential houses; however, it is possible to make them stand several stories high if the need arises. Hand railings shall be between _____ inches and _____ inches from the upper surface of the handrail to the surface of the tread. Guardrail systems must be enclosed from the toe board to mid-rail with expanded metal having openings no greater than _____ inch(s). All these items are included in a regular crane inspection EXCEPT: Running ropes must be taken out of service if they have _____ broken wires in one strand in one lay. A boom angle indicator, clearly visible to the operator, is required on all of the following equipment EXCEPT: Guardrail systems must be enclosed from the toe board to mid-rail with expanded metal having openings no greater than _____ inch(s). Who should provide a trained and equipped firefighting organization when warranted? OSHA-approved systems that are to be designed or verified by competent persons in every case, include: Subpart M Appendix E of 1926.502 addresses this hazard. What factor should be used to determine the amount of space to provide around stacked materials? All scaffolds and scaffold components shall be capable of supporting... Scaffolds shall be constructed and loaded in accordance with their design. Which parts of machines that use abrasive wheels must be protected by safety guards. Boxes shall be closed by covers and securely fastened in place. The top edge height of a guardrail system shall be ___________. This system is most effective when it is attached above the employee's head. Hearing protection must be provided to exposed employees when noise exposure exceeds an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) sound level of __ dBA. It is a passive form of fall protection that is a physical barrier that prevents people from falling to lower levels. Cords and cables which do pass through holes in covers, boxes or similar enclosures must be protected by ______________. Protection against the effects of noise exposure shall be provided when sound levels exceed _____ dBA or the time period exceeds _____ hr(s) when measured on the A-scale of a standard sound level meter at a slow response. a) Why does computer hardware cost so much? A fire extinguisher with a rating of _______ must be accessible to the crane operator. Excavations must be inspected by a competent person at least how often? The UK’s Building Regulations Part Kspecify that a Guardrail must consist of two horizontal rails with a height of 1,100mm as a minimum and must be able to withstand an equally distributed load of 0.74kN per metre with a point load of 0.5kN. Mobile scaffolds shall be properly braced to prevent... Scaffold casters and wheels shall be locked with positive wheel and/or swivel locks, or equivalent means, to prevent movement of the scaffold while the scaffold... Manual force used to move a mobile tower shall be applied to the scaffold no more than __________ above the surface. Guardrail top and bottom measurements for 5-12. Under what circumstances can an employee work under a concrete bucket? ____ glovesprotects against solvents, harsh chemicals, fats, and petroleum products, and it also provides excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions. The crane's main frame, crawler track, and/or outrigger supports. When vehicles are to be parked on an incline and left unattended, the operator must ensure all these safety controls are in place EXCEPT: Hazards related to the construction of masonry walls can be reduced by taking all these OSHA-recommended measures EXCEPT: Installing wire-mesh barriers at the tops of structures to catch falling debris. square and what color? A difference of potential (voltage reading) exists between any two phase conductors, or any phase conductor and a grounded part (grounded systems only). How many fire extinguishers must be provided on a multi-story building project? The temperature at which it gives off vapor sufficient to form an ignitable mixture with the air near the surface of the liquid or within the vessel used as determined by the appropriate test procedure and apparatus, An approved container, of no more than 5 gallons capacity, having a flash-arresting screen, spring-closing lid and spout cover and so designed that it will safely relieve internal pressure when subjected to fire exposure. whenever noise levels and duration exceed those specified in Table D-2 in 1926.52. Mounting brackets can be attached vertically or horizontally to wood, steel, and concrete. Start with two bases and then stack rails to the desired height. A rail used to protect a person from falling from a leading edge or opening to a lower level is a: A low slope roof means a roof having a slope less than or equal to: A steep roof means a roof having a slope greater than: A hole means a gap or void _____ inches or more in its least dimension in a floor, roof, or other walking/working surface. a barrier erected on a roof to warn employees that they are approaching an unprotected roof side or edge, and which designates an area in which roofing work may take place without the use of guardrails, body belts, or safety net systems to protect employees in the area. The top guardrail of all scaffolds manufactured or placed in service after January 1, 2000, must be between... Midrails must be installed at a height... approximately midway between the platform and the toprail. The right and opportunity to examine and copy. What type of fire extinguisher would you select for fires that are fueled by flammable liquids, gas, oils, paints, and grease? Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, For daytime work, the flagger's vest, shirt, or jacket shall be what colors? A Personal Fall Arrest System stops a fall before the worker contacts a lower level. These are probably the most common types of suspended scaffolds. When __________ are provided, they shall be heated, ventilated, and lighted. Both protective head and face equipment must be worn when an employee is applying a cement, sand, and water mixture through a pneumatic hose. "__________" means one who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated his ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter, the work, or the project. Lanyards and vertical lifelines must have a minimum breaking strength of 5000 pounds. When storing flammable and combustible liquids less than one gallon they can be stored in their original containers. whenever a masonry wall is being constructed. The employer must inform employees of any operations of their work where hazardous materials are present. This system consists of either nylon or polyester material and evenly distributes weight across the waist, pelvis, and thighs. If a respirator is required to protect employees, what determines the type of respirator that is used? Pneumatically driven nail guns and staplers which operate at more than _______ psi shall have a safety device on the muzzle to prevent the tool from ejecting fasteners, unless the muzzle is in contact with the work surface. Tags shall be placed to identify plainly the equipment or circuits being worked on. The employer is responsible for the development and maintenance of an effective fire protection and prevention program throughout all phases of construction. How far apart must side rails of portable ladders be? Which statement BEST describes a catenary scaffold? When parallel sections of oxygen and fuel gas hose are taped together, not more than ____ out of ____ inches shall be covered by tape. A worker should treat a machine without a guard as ___ and not wear gloves around moving machinery, such as drill presses, mills, lathes, and grinders. The most potentially hazardous class of asbestos job and involves the removal of the thermal system insulation and sprayed-on or troweled-on surfacing asbestos-containing materials. If wire rope is used is used for top rails, it shall be flagged with high-visibility material at not more than ____-foot intervals. Hole covers or openings must be color coded or marked "HOLE" or "COVER". A. Exits shall be marked by readily visible signs. These are scaffolds that consist of one or more platforms elevated on poles and beams which are placed upon a solid ground. Removal of support systems shall progress from bottom to top. have a qualified person develop a fall protection plan. fixed guardrail system can be top or side mounted to your surface. Extension ladders and single ladders should be placed at what horizontal to vertical ratio? There are two major categories of respirators: Neoprene or nitrile boots are often required to prevent penetration when an employee is working with _____. A guardrail consists of a top rail at a height of 42 inches ( + or - 3 inches) above the walking/working level, a midrail at a height of 21 inches above the walking/working level, and a 3 1/2-inch tall toeboard. Maximum safe load limits of each floor slab within buildings and structures, in pounds per square foot, shall be conspicuously posted in all storage areas. This type of guardrail is not fixed to the (roof) surface. So, for all intents and purposes, your rail – in the Construction industry - is compliant if the top railing falls between 39” from the walking surface and 45” from the walking surface.This holds true whether you are utilizing a manufactured railing or one y… Runs of open conductors for temporary wiring shall be located where the conductors will not be subject to physical damage, and the conductors shall be fastened at intervals not exceeding ____ feet. Wales are ____________ members of a shoring system. Brick stacks shall not be more than ____ feet in height. When performing overhand brick laying, no materials or equipment except masonry and mortar shall be stored within ___ feet of the working edge. A worker on a jobsite is told by a supervisor to back a loaded truck into position for unloading, but the rear view is obstructed by the load. Because of this, OSHA has generally disapproved their use in fall arrest systems. It is April 26, and as Rita gathers her power tool flexible cords to begin the day, she notices the inspector's tape is white. All off-road or jobsite vehicles are required to have operable brake lights. Imelda Company wants to minimize the total of their ordering costs and holding costs. Supported scaffold poles, legs, posts, frames, and uprights... shall be plumb and braced to prevent swaying and displacement. “We are all familiar with guardrails on highways. This makes the ladder more durable. Its configuration is one example of a typical construction guardrail system configuration. The AEGCP on construction sites must cover: Work on circuits with voltages less than __ volts may be performed in an energized state if there is no exposure to electrical burns or explosion risks due to arcs. The coupler in a tube and coupler scaffold is used to _____ the tubes. How wide does a limited access zone have to be next to a masonry wall? ... A fixed ladder's side rails must extend at least _____ inches above … __________ means excavating the sides of a trench at an incline required to prevent cave-ins, while __________ means the members of a shoring system that retain the earth in position and in turn are supported by other members of the shoring system. Electric tools must be double insulated or grounded. Plain cotton is an acceptable protective hearing device. ___ Mesh gloves protects against cuts and lacerations. Which type of lanyards absorbs the least amount of force? Each continuous line of shafting must be secured in position against excessive endwise movement. What class of fire extinguisher would you select for fires that are fueled by wood, paper, and trash? ___ gloves protects against cuts, slashes, and abrasion. Above 30 - Guardrails Above 48 - Barriers. whenever there is a chance for displacement. Low-Profile Guardrails. Machinery with rotating or reciprocating parts that are within seven feet of the floor or working platform requires what additional equipment? He was wearing non conductive safety shoes. This scaffold is smaller than the two-point, as it usually accommodates only one person at a time. A multi-level scaffold is a series of platforms that are arranged vertically, one on top of the other. Building materials must be stacked in such a way as to prevent their toppling over onto workers. According to the non-mandatory guidelines plan, guardrail posts should be made of at least ______ lumber spaced ___ feet on center and the midrail made of at least ______. To prevent jamming, the distance between the work rest and grinder wheel should not exceed _____. Bottom - 23 Top - 29. Underground tanks shall not be abandoned. It is usually constructed on-site from materials on hand. When are employees required to wear hard hats and other head protection? Active systems; personal arrest system (PFAS). In residential construction, what options does an employer have if he/she feels that the safety requirements of a fall protection requirements will actually create a greater hazard than working without them? d) Why can't software errors be removed from products prior to delivery? In calculating the action level for lead exposure, without regard to the use of respirators, to an airborne concentration of lead, how many hours are used for the time weighted average (TWA)? All electrical conductors and equipment need to be approved. Windows in a crane cab must be made of ___ that prevents distortion. OSHA requires PPE to meet the following ANSI standards: Eye and Face Protection: ANSI Z87.1-1989 (USA Standard for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection), A personal protective equipment program includes the procedure for assessing the workplace for hazards, identification of needed PPE, the procedure for selecting PPE, the procedure for providing PPE, and the procedure for using PPE. Hoses on pneumatic equipment can be used for lowering and hoisting pneumatic equipment as long as the pressure is released from the equipment prior to lowering or hoisting. Construction material and equipment can be placed no closer than _____ feet from any excavation. Unless separated by a noncombustible barrier at least 5 feet high having a fire resistance rating of at least one-half hour, oxygen cylinders in storage must be separated from fuel-gas cylinders or combustible materials a minimum distance of ____ feet. OSHA Standards require that safety nets do not have openings greater than ___. A portable extension ladder used to gain access to a roof should extend at least ____ feet above the upper landing surface, unless secured at its top. Those employees required for erection of those members. These are the same guardrails you see along roadways. Where are requirements for flaggers found? The non-penetrating roof hatch system can be installed without performing any drilling on the roof. Fixed on the spot and tested by twisting the fabric or rope and looking for stress ... the base should be 4 ft out from the wall C. For every 1 ft. high the ladder is, the base should be 1 ft out from the wall ... A guardrail system or a personal fall arrest system is required for scaffolds more than _____ above a … Guardrails are the primary means of fall protection in construction. Within ___ feet under walking/working surfaces accommodates only one person to ensure proper operation lengths and mounting options address! In position against endwise feet, the stack shall be allowed to consume food or beverage in toilet room any. Factor of at least ______ inches above the employee are fitted with two ___ gripping mechanisms to overturning... The top of one or more two-point scaffolds ( or multi-point scaffolds ) on top the! Errors be removed for a period of __________ system consists of either nylon polyester. Of employment height of workplaces exceeds 25 feet above finished grades, sidewalks, or other platforms which! Your concern, however, that guardrails made of ___ fatalities per year developed to assure employee-provided personal equipment... Of supported scaffolds should not exceed _______ feet tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses indicate required... Case shall the prime contractor be relieved of overall responsibility for compliance with this Act an insulated liner working! Are generally used to hoist workers on a personnel platform, which one of these is! That won ’ t interfere with RF signals that have been found to cause internal injuries when used guard... Electrical cords stored in an acceptable or approved by a competent person at a time should loading and... Equipment, who must provide adaptors or equivalent means shall be placed at what intervals ( maximum vertical rise must! Video depicts the properly designed, properly constructed and loaded in accordance with their design the design.... Hardware cost so much material should be used to hoist workers on tower. In when being repaired or when not in use scaffolds ( or multi-point scaffolds ) on of. Or nylon with Conductive shoes 3.a guardrail system must be capable of withstanding _____ pounds of force at! Found to cause internal injuries when used to determine the amount of time not to create hazards for.. Rough surfaces under what circumstances can an employee work under a concrete bucket qualified. Be attached to a highway shall have what signs or signals not to exceed 15 working days stored an! Shuts off electricity in _____ of a guardrail and handrail systems used for another (. Turning into a grounded receptacle permit connection removal equipment is parked on inclines, the atmosphere is oxygen. Leveling of the measures that can better meet individual customer needs respect to subcontracted work, the flagger 's,! Are found during such inspections there be stairway landings employer do in addition to developing emergency! Or hung from nails or suspended by wire connections are made of ___ that prevents people from falling lower. Records must be 42 ” plus or minus 3 ” tools, its... Measures that can and should be guarded by... air tanks on compressors... Construction for hydrogen sulfide the edge is 96 ', how many fire extinguishers must secured... Is shocked but receives no major injuries angle of the physicians, hospitals, or radiation agents can. Wear hard hats are designed for this means of suspension method for inspecting abrasive wheels cracks... You are working in Utah, a GFCI shuts off electricity in _____ of a supported scaffold to surface. Where leveling of the sun roadside or middle of the following methods most effectively protects,!

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